ENG | Eamon Lucas choses Delta Cycling Rotterdam

ENG | Eamon Lucas choses Delta Cycling Rotterdam

Eamon Lucas is the second new signing at Delta Cycling Rotterdam. The young American signs a one-year agreement with the Dutch continental team and can’t wait to meet his new teammates and the staff to extend his cycling dream.

“At Delta Cycling I’ll get the chance to develop and show myself as sprinter,” Eamon Lucas says. “I’m gratefull to the staff for this dream-come-true-chance to shine. I am excited to learn how to win on the top European circuit as a sprinter.”

Team Manager Jim van den Berg is happy to announce the new signing. “Eamon impressed us with the power he delivers. You can see his talent trough that.” The way Eamon came in the picture of Delta Cycling is remarkable. “He jumped back on our radar trough his fixie racing,” Van den Berg says. “For someone from the westcoast of America, it is hard to get an opportunity in Europe. We believe Eamon deserves this chance. He has an enormous amount of talent and quality in sprints. Physically he is almost there ready, we want to focus on the tactical aspect. I think we can help him make the next step. That’s why he perfectly fits in our development program,” explains the Team Manager. “Eamon is eager to learn and very motivated to make the most out of this opportunity, that matches very well with the culture we pusue at Delta Cycling Rotterdam.”

“My first impression at Delta Cycling was a tremendous amount of professionalism. I immediately felt that Delta Cycling Rotterdam was all about getting the best out of their riders in every way possible to help push them to the next level in the sport.” says the 24-years old Amercarican. “Everything on the team from the materials, to the other riders, to the training and the plan of attack in the races is very well organized. I am very impressed by the high standard that Delta Cycling has.”

There will be an extended interview with Eamon Lucas later this week.

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